Steps To Salvation with Shlomo – Radio

Shlomo shares his unique vision for bringing Salvation to Earth on his internet radio show, Steps to Salvation, now broadcasting every Tuesday at 4 PM Eastern on W4CY Radio. From his W4CY Radio show page:

Israeli-born entrepreneur Shlomo Attia discusses his vision for improving life on earth on his weekly broadcast. After a Near Death Experience transformed his outlook on religion, politics, justice, and vital industries, Shlomo published his acclaimed historical fiction/spiritual thriller, Steps to Salvation, to present his ideas in an entertaining way. Now, on his radio show, he delves into greater detail Tune in for a passionate and ground-breaking take on the hottest topics of the day!

Topics include:

  • Politics
  • Current Events
  • Justice System
  • Energy
  • Citizens Lottery
  • Money/Prosperity
  • Education
  • Islamic Terrorism

Tune in every Tuesday at 4 PM Eastern on W4CY Radio for Shlomo’s take on the most important issues of the day. Click on and then on the LISTEN LIVE button on their website.