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fugato Step One: The End Days

Energy shortages. Starvation. Skyrocketing medical costs. A corrupt justice system. Biased education. Political castration. Religious conflicts. Rampant ignorance. A world ravaged by war, chaos, centralized control, and destruction. Ever since the time of Abraham, man has been ruled by his animalistic nature — with devastating results. From historical atrocities to totalitarian political systems, individual liberty has been under relentless assault. For souls repeatedly reincarnating into human bodies, achieving spiritual advancement is fraught with peril, regardless of the pre-selected circumstances prior to birth.

can you buy Latuda online Step Two: Catalyst to Armageddon

In the year 2012, a gruesome act of terrorism violently disrupts the  G20 Summit in Chicago, sending the souls of twelve world leaders to The Other Side where Moses – God’s selected Project Manager for a second time in history – leads a team of Advanced Souls in advising the designated Salvation Twelve of the Divine’s ambitious new work for them on earth. But what exactly is Salvation in practical terms? What does it mean for vital industries like energy, education, food, medicine and money? How can commonsense innovation allow all of God’s people to have financial security and peace of mind? How can the One God Religion finally assure human beings that there is no death—only a continuous cycle of life? With formerly reviled Israeli Prime Minister Eyal Grad showing the way, these leaders will embark upon the brutal but necessary Armageddon War and a 400-year Race Unity Experiment as a prelude to Salvation Time.

Step Three: Salvation Time

In the year 2412 in Arusha Africa, nervous seniors in Mr. Bauer’s history class at the Race Unity Regional High School are taking a difficult final exam—one that signifies the end of the Race Unity Experiment or another 400 years of isolation. Will these students forced to bear shameful names like Hitler, Stalin, Manson and Tung demonstrate their knowledge of the Steps To Salvation and admit to their own family history of dishonor? Graduation, liberation of the Race Unity Region, an incredible voyage on a magnetic trans-global bullet train, and the final phase of reparation all depend upon it. But can juvenile adolescents live up to such a monumental task, even with the assistance of a sage teacher like Mr. Bauer? If so, can they count on the immature Adolf Hitler and the hyper Eva Braun to make the final, necessary payment on the End Days’ karmic debt?