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From Daniella Bova: Informative, Engaging, Historically Accurate, and Thought-Provoking


I was captivated by this fictional story, which incorporates world history into the author’s ideas for bringing people to the point of actually coexisting on earth, rather than just giving lip service to the idea of treating others with tolerance.

To begin, author Shlomo Attia’s life story is interesting in itself. Mr. Attia, an engineer by trade, describes his life as young boy in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he was raised in a traditional Jewish home. He goes on to describe various periods of his life, including attending a religious school, living on an Israeli kibbutz, and serving in the Israeli Defense Forces.

After relocating to Florida, Mr. Attia was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. He spent over a month in a coma. During this time, Mr. Attia had what is commonly known as a near death experience. After his recovery, he felt compelled to let other people know what he had learned during his near death experience, including ideas for living in peace in harmony no matter our differences.

In Steps To Salvation I learned a great deal about history. The book opens in the year 2412 in Africa, many years after a worldwide upheaval, “The Armageddon War.” The main characters are all fictional descendants of historical figures from the past and present day, including Adolph Hitler, Charles Manson, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The characters are vividly written. They’re so true to life that I found myself laughing out loud during certain scenes containing the fictional future descendant of President Bill Clinton. In addition to laughing, parts of what I learned made me extremely angry. This book was painstakingly researched. It included facts about world leaders of which I was unaware, even though I’m reasonably up to date on current events as a rule.

Another reader mentioned that Steps to Salvation would be a very good choice for a book club. I agree. Many people of different faiths and backgrounds could find plenty to discuss. Mr. Attia’s ideas are sometimes a bit surprising. I can’t say I agree with every single point he made, but I can and do respect anyone who’s been through a near death experience. Mr. Attia’s ideas for the betterment of society were incorporated in a fresh, engaging way in the Steps To Salvation.

In closing, this book made me laugh out loud more than once. It also brought me almost to the point of tears. I’ve decided that any book that makes me laugh and cry deserves a five star rating.

From author Renee Gatz:

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An innovative and provocative work of fiction that will give readers much to contemplate about how the decisions of past global leaders have brought about our current state of living, what the future could look like and how solutions born from a desire to secure a better quality of life for all rather than the few improved the human experience. The book contains all the hot-button issues of the day and promises to educate, inspire and based on your personal beliefs could raise your ire, cause you to cheer or find areas of agreement and disagreement. There will be much to discuss and debate at your next book group meeting.

From Steve’s World

Steps To Salvation May Be A Genre Unto Itself

Steps to Salvation may be a genre unto itself. A combination of history,
political science, economics, religion, science fiction and humor makes Shlomo Attia’s novel unique. Through the introduction to and examination of
many influential figures from throughout the ages, we come to
understand how the world came to be the dysfunctional mess it is today. The
time has come for a group of special individuals to lead the world into a new
age and prepare it for what’s to come. What is to be done about the
problems of poverty and hunger, violence and crime, justice and
punishment, conflict over religious differences? See what happens when
the restraints of collectivism are cast off and mankind is free to pursue
individual endeavors without the burdens of large over-reaching
governments. Some revolutionary ideas and a bit of Divine intervention
soon have us taking our first steps to salvation.


From Gail Tenzer:

Brilliant! No More Strife Among Men.

Steps to Salvation is a MUST READ. The author, Shlomo Attia explains that he experienced a Near Death Experience and while in that state, was charged with returning to life because “his work wasn’t finished!” Apparently he was to return to present solutions to the problems that have plagued mankind for the past millennia, in which we keep repeating the same mistakes, always expecting different results and failing. Once again our civilization stands on the precipice of a New Dark Age — and apparently Shlomo was charged with presenting some new solutions which if taken under advisement might prevent Western Civilization from once again going down that road.

The novel takes place in the year 2412 (400 years into the future), and proposes that at that time, we will already be living in the “Messianic Era…: which according to Jewish tradition “…will be one of global peace and harmony, an era free of strife and hardship” [Wikipedia]. Looking back over World History, much of the strife the world has experienced and continues to do so in our times is due to “religious conflicts” directly relating to religious DOGMA! Let us remember that until the Enlightenment, political power rested within the Church. Many of today’s seculars also rebel against the concept of G-d or Creator precisely because they reject the political power that religious organizations (men) try to exert over their lives by manipulating religious beliefs to control them. In other words, it still comes down to politics masquerading as religion and the bottom line is still the ambitions of INSIDERS to exert CONTROL over the masses! It’s still all about Power and not really about the Creator.

Shlomo thinks outside the box and presents a vision of the future in which the world frees itself from this religious strife, and fulfilling the Jewish aspiration and prayer that “On that Day the Lord will be ONE, His Name will be One” by positing that without cohersion, mankind has accepted the concept of the One G-d Religion! Brilliant! No more strife amongst men that “My G-d is Better than Your G-d!”
So much for the solution to religious strife.
Shlomo then posits solutions to helping entrepreneurs through a lottery system of funding, solutions to education, the prison system and the rehabilitation of criminals, and other challenges facing present day society.

Characters in the book are descendants of Historical figures, including the progeny of Hitler, Kissinger, Mao, etc. — those who are the progeny of evil doers are restricted to a colony in Africa called Arusha, and have to devote their lives to the study of their ancestors, their wrong-doings, and admit remorse for the evil they have wrought, and ultimately have to pass a test in order to get to see the rest of the world. This is a totally new way of looking at things as they are and have been in the world, and how we can avoid repeating history.

In these grim times, the book is refreshing, presents interesting solutions and a light at the end of the tunnel — demonstrating that there is hope for a better future after all. I wonder if applying his solutions can help usher in the Messianic Age. Without going into details to give away the solutions, Shlomo presents a solution to the current Middle East strife particularly with the Muslims and their hatred for Jews. Read the book to find out how this can be brought about without bloodshed!
I read the book in 3 days and could not put it down!