Futurism.com: Genetic Data Reveals the World Was Populated from a Single Location

Marondera Have you ever wondered about the history of human beings before ancient civilizations developed? Where do we really come from? Futurism.com published a piece back in 2016 that may surprise some of you, but it aligns with the discovery of Genetic Adam and Eve. From Futurism.com:

We can learn more about history from the genetic code written inside of us, and new revelations regarding human migration have been found through the sequencing of hundreds of new genomes in three separate studies. These international research efforts from Copenhagen, Estonia, and Harvard collectively considered 787 people, moving away from previously indexed populations from Europe and China to instead focus on less-studied groups, such as Native Americans, Papuans, and Australians.

The studies all concluded that most non-African DNA in the world comes from a single human exodus from Africa roughly 50,000 to 80,000 years ago.

However, while they can say what happened, they’re less clear on why it happened as none of the studies were able to find genes that would account for the accelerated progress humans have experienced in the last 50,000 years with regards to our intelligence and culture.


Please visit futurism.com to read the entire piece.

Welcome To The Future: Wireless Charging Road For Electric Vehicles

Please watch this video from the Neopress channel on YouTube. In my book, my characters drive electric cars, which they can charge on the highway. It is an excellent way to become energy efficient and free from fossil fuels while maintaining the freedom to travel, keep costs low, and preserve the environment for future generations. Check it out. This is one of the many ways we can bring Salvation to Earth for ALL people, no matter where they live.

Photo Credit: Neopress